Acting as the core system of record, Ai-PAS is a full service, end-to-end, modular core system that covers the full lifecycle of the policy.  It offers a comprehensive catalogue of web services, product configuration and batch management that enable insurers to achieve optimised business outcomes across their organisation with existing and future front end investments.


ENGAGE: Ai-CXP (Customer Centric + Compliance Conscious)

Ai-CXP provides a secure system of record for all your customer engagements. Our focus is on providing a Conduct Risk wrapper to these engagements between insurer and customer, both online, including social media, as well as through traditional channels.


CREATE: Ai-LAB (Innovation Sandbox)

Ai-LAB is a super-flexible incubation platform for firms seeking to trial digital-first, social-media-led initiatives.  Ai-LAB stands for leadership in co-creation of exciting new digital insurance products such as the social media led Family & Friends JISA or ultra-short life cover, like Flight Assure, using blockchain technology.