Acting as the core system of record, Ai-PAS is a full service, end-to-end, modular core system that covers the full lifecycle of the policy.

It offers a comprehensive catalogue of web services, product configuration and batch management that enable insurers to achieve optimised business outcomes across their organisation with existing and future front end investments.


ENGAGE: Ai-CRM (Customer Centric + Compliance Conscious)

Ai-CRM provides a secure system of record for all your customer engagements. Our focus is on providing a Conduct Risk wrapper to these engagements between insurer and customer, both online, including social media, as well as through traditional channels.

Our experienced Life, Savings & Investment teams understand the complex and demanding requirements of your customers AND the regulatory obligations facing both internal staff and external agents and partners.

Through user stories, target personas and customer journeys, we rapidly prototype Ai-CRM screens to test, refine and improve the user experience and embed conduct risk management.



The Ai-London team have deep experience in the design, build and management of imaginative new insurance solutions. Our core skills are in providing a powerful, unified front end, enabling dynamic process optimisation, secured on our robust 'system of record' database. Ai-CxP integrates our Ai-CRM and Ai-PAS products with your technical architecture.