At Ai-London, we believe that the future success of Life, Savings & Investment companies will be based on four key performance areas: organisational efficiency, digital transformation strategy, line of business convergence and customer experience.


Organisational Efficiency:  By digitalising complex legacy environments and creating a single view of the business, insurers can take advantage of ‘big data’ analytics, enjoy an increased speed of change and drive out costly manual processes through continuous process improvement. Our Ai-BDA (Big Data Analytics) product addresses these challenges.

Digital Transformation Strategy: There is little doubt that the digital experience will revolutionise the workplace of tomorrow. Technological integration, process automation, social collaboration and modern data management will transform the ways in which businesses operate. Our platform of customer-centric, policy-centric and data-centric products provide the tools for this transformation.

Line of Business Convergence: As state providers pull back on social security spend and more customers seek inclusive healthcare options with their life protection and investment plans, convergence of features with traditional Wealth Management and ‘Wrap’ platforms for pension and annuity providers will emerge. Our powerful Ai-PAS platform enables this convergence.

Customer Centricity: Executives are predicting that the largest share of their digital growth in the coming years will come from digital customer engagement. Our Ai-CRM product provides a secure record of your customer engagements across through your chosen distribution channels.


Why Ai-London?: We are passionate about making life easy for customers of life protection and investment to be able to interact with the digital properties of their potential insurer or bank, leading to the ‘win - win’ of deep engagement, customer satisfaction, loyalty and tangible business outcomes.