Unlock the power of AI-driven protection and savings products


Lumera acquires and invests in Ai-London for continued European expansion

Through our Ai-LAB Discovery programme, we provide access to the expertise and technology needed to develop and adopt strategically productive AI tools.


Embedded Compliance & Security

Built on our experience with ISO27001 and our membership of various Regulation & Governance Committees, Ai-London knows how to embed enterprise-level security, operational resilience and compliance risk management to the latest standards.

Increased Revenues, Avoided Costs

With over thirty years of Insurtech experience, we help our clients adopt Ai and Automation solutions more rapidly and cost effectively, by experimenting in our Ai-LAB and utilising our proven value driver analysis tools, Ai-VDA.


Committed to Social Responsibility

We are a signatory of the UN Global Compact and a proactive member of key industry bodies. As part of our core values, we are committed to enabling the redeployment of our Ai tools within the third sector.

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