Ai-London Partner with AILO for Innovation Webinar Series

Ai-London are pleased to be collaborating with The Association of International Life Offices (AILO) to launch a series of Innovation Webinars.

Taking place throughout March, this programme of events will focus on a key industry topic each week and will feature discussions with Subject Matter Experts and Business Sponsors from organisations such as KBC Ireland, CSOB Insurance and AXA.

You can sign up to attend this series of events by clicking here.

Programme of Events

Enabling Thought Leadership: Using AI to Close The Advice Gap

Wednesday 3rd March: 12:30-13:15 (UK Time)

Working with City University of London and EIT Digital Ai-London are focussed on a new AI-driven solution to help providers, advisers and consumers successfully bridge the Financial ‘Advice Gap’.  This will identify, segment and profile customers caught in the Advice Gap and predict the next best action to help them achieve their desired outcome. What is important, is that the advice informed by AI needs to be understandable to customers and stakeholders, and must avoid biased profiling and discrimination. So how can multi-technique and multi-level AI solutions enable the automatic configuration of efficient next best action advice in scenarios with different long-term financial planning goals and channel preferences? Join the discussion as we hear from Simone Krummaker (The Business School) and Fergie Miller (EIT Digital) about what this could mean for the industry and the opportunity to be a part of the transformation.

Sharing Best Practice: AXA Gulf’s Experience with Rapid Product Launch

Wednesday 10th March: 12:30-13:15 (UK Time)

Harnessing highly configurable technology gave AXA Gulf the agility to create, test and launch a new product via a strategically important distributor in just seven weeks.  AXA Gulf required inbuilt enterprise-level security, operational resilience and conduct risk. A mix of reusable assets, expertise and project management enabled rapid integration with customer and agent portals, and other third-party workflows, providing a full lifecycle, digital journey simplified by self-service. We will be joined by AXA Gulf Subject Matter Expert Nicolas Herchenroder and Business Sponsor Jonathan Jane as we discuss the drivers behind this new deployment and what challenges were faced on their journey.

Sharing Best Practice: The Transformational Value of Automated Underwriting

Tuesday 16th March: 12:30-13:15 (UK Time)

Automated Underwriting can enhance compliance and enable efficient internal and external data transfer, especially with ecosystem partners. It enables insurers to analyse huge volumes of complex, real-time data and make a myriad of swift, far-reaching decisions across their organisations.  It delivers insights to improve risk assessment, perform demand-analysis for potential new products and refine the accuracy of policy and pricing ratings. We hear from the team at CSOB Insurance, including Martin Daller and Katerina Matuskova, who demonstrate why the decision to implement automated underwriting have delivered value within their business.

Sharing Best Practice: How KBC Ireland is winning with a ‘Mobile-First’ strategy

Wednesday 24th March: 12:30-13:15 (UK Time)

According to research by CapGemini, insurance customers are increasingly turning to smartphones to access and share information and make transactions.  Ai-London’s strategic partner, KBC Life & Pensions, was awarded first place in the ‘Best Use of Investment Strategy’ category at 2020’s Irish Pensions Awards.  The prestigious prize was awarded for the KBC Life & Pensions MyAutoinvest strategy, which moves the invested money differently through distinct life stages, based on a ‘mobile-first’ strategy.  This created an innovative, user-friendly KBC App, making pensions ‘thumb-powered’.  Now, each customer can access their data in real time via the KBC App. We will be joined by Kris D’Excelle and John Gethin of KBC as they talk us through the award winning technology they are pioneering.

If your organisation is working towards, or delivering a strategy aligned with the topics above, then sign up to join our discussions here.