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By Victoria Tewes / 18 August 2021

The future of insurance is changing. These are transformative and uncertain times, which call for businesses to be smart, agile and innovative, to remain competitive. With the needs of customers…

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Post-Covid Rapid Product Launch in the LP&I Sector

By Victoria Tewes / 20 May 2021

For many years, the ability to launch new products more rapidly has been an aspiration of Life, Pensions and Investment (LP&I) providers around the globe. In a post-covid world for…

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The Value of AI in the LP&I Sector

By Victoria Tewes / 23 March 2021

The Life, Pensions and Investments (LP&I) sector is fuelled by data and information, so is the value from the deployment of AI too great to ignore? What does this really…

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