Are you ready for the CTF Maturity Workload?

Use our CTF Maturity calculator to discover just how many extra staff your maturing CTF portfolio may require. With simple to use fields and the option to customise your influencing factors, such FTE costs and expected withdrawals, you can easily visualise and communicate the impact CTF’s will have on your business over the next ten years.

Access our CTF Maturity calculator

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» Help understand the value of reinvestment.

» Get involved to make a difference.

» Take account action where valid & authorised.

» Push important notifications and alerts.

My CTF tasks

» Identify and target CTF account holders most likely to reinvest.

» Embedded workflow to automate the CTF maturity process.

» Embedded insight offering clear overview of CTF events and triggers.

» Clear identification of contact status, consent and 'next best action'.