Dynamic and Future-Proof

Grow Your Business With built-in Digitisation, Advanced Analytics and AI

“More companies are reprioritizing plans and shifting spending from other projects into those that directly address the digital gaps exposed by the pandemic."

SMA 2020 Market Pulse


The perfect partner for market testing innovative, digital products

With its product configurator, free trial period and attractive entry pricing, PLATFORMONE is a leader in enabling rapid product launch.

An Insurtech Analyst will be on hand to support you during your trial period, and when you convert to a subscription, an Onboarding Engineer will be available to ensure a seamless product launch.

Take advantage of mobile-first advanced analytics

With pioneering mobile-first analytics, our Insight App allows you to track you activity in real-time from your hand-held device.

The display can be configured to reflect your priorities and with one click, can be expanded to deliver a more in-depth view. To stay ahead of the game, our Insight App can remind you of follow up actions which can then be executed from within the App.


Collaboration on practical AI use cases to close the advice gap

In collaboration with City University, London, and the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) we are exploring how to optimise PLATFORMONE even further with advanced AI capabilities.

By working with us, our Clients will gain the benefits of these capabilities being applied to the LP&I value chain. Our principal focus is on closing the advice gap and using AI to optimise the marketing of long-term protection and investment products for providers and consumers.

Interested in learning more?

With our rapid launch Proof of Value trial, you can begin to explore how your business can launch new products and engagement channels quickly and confidently.