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Engage with Ai-London: Life, Savings and Investment providers are facing a prolonged, challenging environment of low or negative interest rates, more stringent regulation and slow if any growth in new business. These pressures are threatening the future health of Insurers, Building Societies and Mutuals. Most Life, Savings and Investment companies around the world recognise that substantial reductions in their operating costs are a strategic imperative.

There are also opportunities for growth. People are living longer, their expectations for quality of life in old age are increasing and governments are struggling to finance comprehensive health and care provision. In the face of this huge opportunity, established companies are facing increased competition and pressure on margins. Incumbents are hamstrung by high-cost, often non-compliant, legacy systems. Companies with ambitions to grow recognise that they must embrace digitisation, process automation and innovative products.

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Our Vision

To give our Life, Savings and Investment clients competitive advantage through systems that facilitate dramatic reductions in operational costs, increased flexibility, actionable insight and enhanced security, resilience and compliance.

Ai-London is a Gartner Magic Quadrant Insurtech company for Life, Savings and Investment providers. Formed 25 years ago, we proudly support successful insurers across Europe, the Gulf, Africa and the Caribbean. We provide our clients with secure systems of record that are built on low cost, highly flexible, single-tenant SaaS platforms. We specialise in implementing low cost, secure systems of record, providing Actionable Insights from systems of record to the mobile devices of executives, agents and customers, and launching new products and services for our clients within 180-day deployment cycles.

We have recently digitized a traditional UK-based Mutual Society, introducing a social media led Junior ISA product, migrating old policies off non-compliant legacy systems and implementing our award-winning Actionable Insights module with its outstanding visualisation (Dashboards) and data drill-down capabilities.

We are the recognised thought leaders in the use of blockchain technology to co-create exciting new digital insurance products such as ultra-short life cover, like Flight Assure.

Insuring the future: Andrew Hubbard, CEO of Ai-London, delivers a thorough discussion on the many new tools that businesses and individuals can utilize to expand their use of cloud service-based technologies for investment, insurance, and beyond. Hubbard’s realization that people of all ages and backgrounds wanted to engage with insurance companies digitally drove him to push Ai-London to solve the problem and open up new avenues for discovery

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To kick-start digital-product innovation that meets changing customer expectations.  Work with us to master big data and advanced analytics to better understand customer behaviour.  Partner with us to automate operations and digitise business processes.