Rapid Launch POV Trial Conditions

Welcome to Ai-London’s Rapid Launch POV Trial. Our aim is to eliminate all unnecessary obstacles to you launching great new products and engagement channels quickly and confidently.

When you start a POV Trial, there are just a few important Terms of Use that you should be aware of and keep in mind.

Our POV Trial Service

We provide you with:

•Two user ids on an Ai-LAB POV Trial platform valid for 60 (sixty) days, plus two sets of user profiles (Underwriter, agent etc).

•An Ai-London Rapid Launch Product pre-configured on the basis of your completed POV Trial Sign- up Form

•An initial set of test data, with up to 100 person details, set to help you get started

•A Dedicated Insurtech Engineer to assist you with your trial

•Unrestricted use of the Product Configuration screens for your chosen product

•The right to make up to three clones to save Product Configurations during your trial

•Access to Introductory training videos and documentation

•The ability to access your trial 24x7 from anywhere you choose

Your Insurtech Engineer

Your dedicated Insurtech Engineer is there to help you make your POV Trial a success.

•They are available to assist you with configuration changes to set up your product.

•They can answer your technical or product queries.

•If required, they can set up a test database of policies as part of the POV Trial

•They can of course answer your questions about an ongoing commercial relationship.

•They are responsible for drawing up with you an agenda of onboarding actions including minor customisations for the period after you convert to a subscription

•Will help you construct your success criteria for the POV Trial period.

Your Obligations

When we set up a POV Trial system, we expect you to actively use it. We ask you not to start your trial until you are ready to begin actively testing the system.

For regulatory and compliance purposes, you are not entitled to use live customer data on your POV Trial platform is not licenced for live data. You have an obligation to ensure that no live customer data is entered during the trial.

30 (thirty) days into the POV Trial you are obligated to complete a mid-Trial Questionnaire and attend a brief mid- POV Trial call with your Insurtech Engineer.

Converting your POV trial to an Annual Subscription

At any time during your POV Trial period you can provide us with a Payment, a Purchase Order or other binding Instruction to convert your POV Trial to an Annual Subscription. Any permitted test configurations will be converted to a production environment of your chosen Ai-London product and available to you within 72 hours of such a payment or instruction. Your Ai-London product is hosted on a commercial platform, licenced to support live customer data. This allows you to start entering live customer data, and to start your Onboarding process.

If we believe that you are entering live customer data on your POV Trial platform, we have the right to give you 7 days notice that we intend to convert your trial to an annual subscription and invoice you for immediate payment.

Ending the POV Trial

In any event, your free POV Trial will end after 60 (sixty) days. If you have not signed up to an annual subscription by the time your trial ends, we have the right to close down your POV Trial platform and erase any data you've entered, or product configurations you've set up, during the trial. 30-days after your trial ends your POV Trial platform will be automatically closed and any data and product configurations will be deleted and cannot be retrieved after that point.

There are a few situations which may cause us to end your trial during the 60-day trial period. In each case, we will give you 7 days notice that your trial is at risk and tell you the date on which we intend to end your trial and close down your trial system. The situations that could result in us ending your trial before the 60-day period has elapsed are:

•You are inactive in your trial account for ten days consecutively

•You have not been active in your trial account after one week from the start date of your trial

•You do not complete the mid-trial Questionnaire or attend a mid-trial check-in call with your Insurtech Engineer.

•We believe that you are using the system to store or process live data

•We believe you are using the system for illegal purposes or in a manner likely to have a deleterious impact on Ai-London's standing or reputation.

By continuing with your POV Trial, you accept these Terms of Use.

We hope you love using our Rapid Product Launch POV Platform and get great value from our support resources and that in due course we can welcome you as a customer.