#IWD2021 Introducing Anitha Varadaraj

To mark International Women’s Day 2021, we have been celebrating the women we work with at Ai-London who are making their mark on the technology industry. We have been profiling each of them, in their own words, every day this week.

Today we introduce to you Anitha Varadaraj, PL/SQL Developer.

Anitha, can you tell us more about you and your background?

I chose to study Engineering in Instrumentation Technology for my degree. I was really interested in the many things that I could learn within this topic. We covered computers, electronics, communications, controls etc., and got to understand how this worked in a shop floor environment exploring the different sensors that could be used to improve operations at that level.

Anitha Varadaraj

When I finished my degree in 2013, I was ready for a challenge, and a job that would give me the chance to learn more and develop my skills. My first role was with Tata Consultancy Services in Bangalore, where I began as an Associate Software Engineer primarily working with Database. This was a great experience for me as I was involved in projects that supported clients in the insurance domain from Europe. So not only did I learn about coding and testing, but I also got to understand more about products for this industry. And I had a great team around me who I learned so much from.

My last role in India was with Infosys, Mysore where I furthered my skills with Oracle APEX, as well as working on front-end development. In this role I mostly supported petroleum and energy-based clients from the US, so really gained a lot of valuable experience. I was also involved in employee engagement initiatives and really enjoyed organising team building activities to reward and recognise the work of our team.   

What was it that led to you doing your current role?

I joined Ai-London in 2019, not long after I moved to the UK. I was keen to find a role that would build on my experience and was really pleased it was within the insurance domain. Having worked in that previously I felt I could add so much value, plus my Mum works in insurance, so I understand plenty about the terminology. I had my interview with Ai-London and before I had even returned home, I had a call to offer me the role, I couldn’t believe my luck!

What is it you enjoy about your current role?

For me it is the opportunity to work with different clients. I learn so much every day and get to put this into practice with the job I do. My team are great also, and there is always someone to go to for support and to bounce ideas off.

What are your future goals and aspirations?

I think, for me it is just to grow more as a full stack developer. I really enjoy what I do and have a lot of people to look up to. Nash, our CTO, is a role model for me in the way that he has built the business for more than 25 years at Ai-London and delivers so much every day.

Do you have any words of advice for someone considering a role like yours?

You need to have a passion for coding in my role. If you are willing to learn new things and take on new challenges, it is a really rewarding career. And working in the insurance domain is so interesting. I would also say to take advantage of any training you are offered as you will learn so much and then you can go on to apply this day-to-day.

And finally, who really inspires you?

I would say my Husband is a big inspiration for me. He works hard and is such a dynamic person, who manages to stay calm & confident in all situations. So, this in turn pushes me to succeed and learn new things. Also, my Mum and Dad have always worked so hard to give our family the best life, juggling work and a home in the way that they have, that is real inspiration for me. I am glad that I carry my life values from my parents.

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