#IWD2021 Introducing Apurva Jhunjhunwala

To mark International Women’s Day 2021, we are celebrating all of the women we are lucky to work with at Ai-London. These women are making their mark on the technology industry in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, and we will be profiling each of them in their own words every day this week.

Today we introduce to you Apurva Jhunjhunwala, Senior Software Engineer.

Apurva, can you tell us more about you and your background?

I grew up just outside of Mumbai, and when I finished college I went straight into the world of work. I spent twelve years in India building my career as a Java Developer. I was lucky to work for many companies such as Tata Consultancy Services and Infosys, where I progressed to the role of Technical Leader. Working with clients across the US and UK, I juggled many different technologies, but Java was always at the core of what I did.

Apurva Jhunjhunwala
What was it that led to you doing your current role?

I have worked with Ai-London for three years now and joined them just after I relocated to the UK. I wanted to find a role that would really make use of the skills I had spent so long building back home. When I first joined Ai-London as a Java Developer, I was also given the opportunity to take on the role of Scrum Master, introducing agile project management and helping to streamline processes. This was really exciting for me as I could call upon my previous skills – and I love talking to people!

What is it you enjoy about your current role?

In my role you wear many different hats. Some days I am involved in testing, others I am working on R&D projects, and this is what I really enjoy. I relish the opportunity to explore new technologies that could really benefit our business.

At Ai-London there is such a great culture. It’s a small business that does big things! Because there is no heavy corporate structure internally, everyone is so approachable. And I find that I can achieve a great work-life balance, which is really important to me.

What are your future goals and aspirations?

Eventually I would like to progress up the ladder of Project Management. I really enjoy meeting new people and working with clients, so would like to do more in this space. I like to see a project through from end-to-end and have ownership for ensuring we deliver on time and to budget, so this is definitely where I see my career heading.   

Do you have any words of advice for someone considering a role like yours?

I would ask ‘Are you dreaming about it?’, ‘Is this real?’ because you need to have the basics there before you embark on such a career. You will learn as you go, especially when it comes to technology, but you will only succeed if you are confident in what you want to achieve and are really  dedicated – it needs to be in your heart and soul.

And finally, who really inspires you?

There was a Project Manager who I was fortunate to work with in my first role. He was always under a lot of pressure, managing 10-15 projects at a time, yet he was always so supportive of his team. He always made sure we were happy, we were learning and we were delivering, and he did it in such a way that you never felt “managed”. This was someone who inspired me, and I hope one day someone on my team sees me as this kind of Manager.

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