#IWD2021 Introducing Temitope Olowosale

To mark International Women’s Day 2021, we have been celebrating the women we work with at Ai-London who are making their mark on the technology industry. We have been profiling each of them in their own words every day this week.

Today we introduce to you Temitope Olowosale, Senior Oracle Developer.

Temitope, can you tell us more about you and your background?

I have over 21 years’ experience working in IT, which all began when I studied Computer Science at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. At the time, people were just starting to take notice of IT and how powerful it was. I had the choice of studying Medicine or Computer Science and was originally going down the route of medicine until one day I sat down with my Dad and said ‘I want to learn more about computers’, and the rest is history.

Temitope Olowosale

In Nigeria we have to undertake a service year, so after I finished my degree I was placed in the IT department at Crown Flour Mills. This was a very hands on role that reaffirmed my want to work in this field – I definitely learnt a lot here.

Since then I have worked in various roles such as Senior Oracle Developer, E-business Suites Technical Consultant and Technical Expert, mostly in the Database Management environment. I have also worked across many different sectors including banking, logistics and supply chain.

What was it that led to you doing your current role?

I knew some of the team already working at Ai-London and they often used to tell me what it was like to work there. I was looking for a role that was going to challenge me but where I would also have a good work/life balance. Family is really important to me so I wanted to make sure I could manage my workload and also be a great Mum. I started at Ai-London in 2019 and will celebrate my two-year anniversary in April.

What is it you enjoy about your current role?

I really enjoy the team that I work with. We share ideas, we support each other and we always try to help each other out when needed. As well as my team, I also enjoy working with our clients. There is so much joy in knowing that someone is satisfied with what you have delivered, and I feel like I have really accomplished something when the client is happy and comes back to work with us again.

What are your future goals and aspirations?

To continue to be a better version of what I was yesterday. I am focussed and I really enjoy what I do. I believe in my own opinions and ideas and am working to be more assertive. I also want to continue to share and teach others to be excited about programming and IT in general.

Do you have any words of advice for someone considering a role like yours?

Stay focussed. Define your goals and get the right skills and mentors that can keep you on track and keep you moving towards achieving what you set out for.

And finally, who really inspires you?

My mum and dad inspired me, they always had a smile on their faces no matter how hard they worked and they loved everyone. I am also inspired by all the strong, intelligent, working mums out there who are juggling their family and their career – and making a real impact whilst doing it.

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