Secure and Compliant

Enterprise-level Security and Compliance with Start-Up Flexibility

“Well secured against malicious attack, with no vulnerabilities or risks identified.”

A&O Corsaire independent Penetration Test on AI-London’s AWS Standalone Environment.


Enterprise-level resilience and security with AWS

AWS delivers resilient infrastructure for PLATFORMONE.

As a Single Tenant, Public Cloud hosted environment, every client has their own separate subnet with no sharing of assets. All key management occurs within AWS and all connections are SSL/TLS encrypted.

Encryption-level security and support using Oracle database software

The Oracle Database 19c provides PLATFORMONE with multi-layered security, including controls to evaluate risks, prevent unauthorised data disclosure, detect and report on database activities and enforce data access controls with data-driven security.

As an additional option, the Oracle TDE Database enables us to encrypt sensitive data stored in data files, in line with most regulatory authorities and corporate standards.


Compliance at its core

We believe in pro-active participation in the relevant trade bodies to ensure PLATFORMONE has ‘baked-in-compliance’.

Our core competence has always been in building secure Systems of Record, providing PLATFORMONE with outstanding security, compliance, data integrity and extensibility.

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