The Ai-London Team is Growing

Through our ongoing, strategic relationship with City, University of London, we are pleased to announce that we have been joined by four students currently completing their Masters studies in Data Science.

Each of the four students will join our organisation on a three-month internship, during which time they will work to establish individual problem statements and associated real-world use cases in the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning, supporting the goals of their final dissertations.

Here’s what happened when we sat down for a quick-fire Q&A with Ai-Intern, Chikaze Mori.

Chikaze, welcome to Ai-London! So, tell us a bit about you and your background?
Chikaze Mori

Chikaze: I moved to London from my home in Japan at the start of my Masters studies. This is my first time living in Europe and I’m really enjoying exploring the city. Before I moved to London, I completed my Batchelors Degree in Economics at the Nagoya City University and from there I got a job as a Stock Trader. It was a career I have always wanted to try and I found that I really enjoyed the role, but the environment wasn’t for me. So, I began looking into what I could do that would make use of my love of numbers and maths.

So data science sounds like the perfect thing for you?

Chikaze: Absolutely. Data Science is such a hot topic and I’ve been fascinated by it for quite some time now. There is so much value that can be derived from data, once you know what it is telling you. I really enjoy learning algorithms and looking at new ways to apply them to real world scenarios.

Sounds great, so what is it that you’re hoping to get out of your time with Ai-London?

Chikaze: Experience. I want to see just how powerful data can be when it is used for real-world applications. Artificial Intelligence can be used across so many genres and I am really interested to see how we can use it to create value in the life, pensions and investments sector.

Although you’re just starting your career in this field, what do you think the future looks like for you?

Chikaze: I would love the opportunity to stay in London, for me it is the best city in the world. I want to build my experience and get to see what it’s like to work in a real business here. My dream is to work in a vibrant tech company, and one that’s really making a difference.

Well, hopefully we can help provide that experience for you. And finally, when you’re not working with algorithms, what else are you doing?

Chikaze: I really like learning languages. At the moment I am studying Portuguese and French. Other than that, exploring the city and making new friends wherever I can.

Find out more about Ai-Intern, Dominic in our next blog.

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