The Future of Data Science at Ai-London

Having worked in the Life, Pensions and Investment (LP&I) sector for nearly 30 years, Ai-London have played a key role in strategic transformation projects across the world. Working in a sector so deeply set in its ways, but facing a daily challenge to transform in a rapidly changing digital world, means that it is essential for us to have our finger on the pulse when it comes to the trends, technologies and innovations that will allow our clients to remain competitive.

At a high-level, there are three key drivers forcing LP&I providers to accelerate their adoption of new and emerging trends. The first, new entrants into the market are taking advantage of less expensive, more flexible, modular technology to challenge incumbent systems that a number of providers have had in place for decades. Secondly, the global landscape of low or negative interest rates has created a competitive environment where product development is key, yet lowering operating costs is a dominant priority. And thirdly, a dramatic shift in the expectations of consumers and agents, is seeing increasing demand for a similar experience to financial products available from other markets.

Our strategic partnership with City, University of London

“For many years, we have seen a growing commonality in the challenges our clients are facing. And the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has only served to accelerate their need to do things more innovatively, and quickly, than ever before,” says Andrew Hubbard, CEO of Ai-London. “At Ai-London, our aim is to offer our clients the best possible solutions, by bringing together our decades of experience in the LP&I sector with our disruptive mindset and the very latest skills. One of the main ways that we are doing this is through our work with artificial intelligence and our strategic partnership with City, University of London. That’s why we didn’t hesitate when the opportunity to engage with some of their brightest data science students presented itself.”

“We have been working closely with the University for many years now, and so the opportunity to bring four of their MSc students into our business, felt like a logical and exciting next step for us.  We get to learn from these intelligent, entrepreneurial minds and at the same time, they gain from our knowledge of how an award-winning Insurtech business operates, which will hopefully lay the foundations for them to build upon in their careers. Therefore, we are pleased to welcome Chikaze Mori, Hannah Drescher, Dominic Palaczky and Tejal Mehta to join us for a three month internship, focussing on the development of real-world applications to support their studies in artificial intelligence and machine learning.”

Applying learning and knowledge to real-world scenarios

“I am looking forward to applying my learning and knowledge to real business scenarios,” said Hannah, “what we have studied so far has been really interesting, but now I am keen to see the steps I need to take, and what the work flow looks like, to actually deliver on behalf of the business.”

“I originally studied economics and spent time working as a stock trader in Japan,” said Chikaze, “but now I want to build my knowledge and gain real-world experience in the technology field.”

The students, supported by our wider team, have already established individual problem statements and associated real-world use cases to support their final dissertations.  These workstreams will be the primary focus for their time with Ai-London. Keep a look out for regular communications, where the students will share their progress and experiences.